Sunny Hills

Afterschool Program


Sunny Hills has a unique curriculum, and our teachers are dedicated to inspiring life-long learners. We founded our school on the following four principles:

1. Fun and Learning

When students first begin the Sunny Hills program, our focus is on ensuring that they feel comfortable, accepted, and cared-for. Our school is a home from home – a place where every child belongs. When a student begins to enjoy a class and can say “School is fun!” then discovery and learning will follow naturally; the same way any native student would learn. Our teachers are fully-trained native English speakers, so they are ready to equip students with the language and confidence they need to enjoy English communication.

2. Individual Class Curriculum

At Sunny Hills, our teachers have the freedom to tailor lesson activities based on the specific needs of each class. So, if a class needs more time to review language before moving on to a new topic, the teacher can plan for it. Furthermore, if a class is learning a topic very quickly, or a lesson is not stimulating enough, the teacher can move on to a more suitable subject. This flexibility keeps our lessons fresh, relevant, and offers parents better value for money.

3. Four-point Focus

The days of learning English phrases by dry repetition and memorization are over. We teach our students to:

  • Speak – to express their thoughts and ideas, to socialize, and communicate with other English speakers.
  • Listen – to learn new language, to understand the world we live in.
  • Read – for enjoyment, and to discover new words and culture.
  • Write – to record their ideas, improve their grammar, and give students a head-start for higher education.

As a result, our students receive a well-rounded education and the opportunity to build confidence and stamina that last a lifetime.

4. Review and Improvement

Our students are formally assessed every six months. We will discuss detailed records of your child’s progress with you, making sure that you understand both their strengths and areas to improve. Our teachers offer personalized advice and are always happy to recommend books, movies, or other media to enjoy at home. The excitement of learning English doesn’t have to stop when a student gets home!

So if you’re looking for quality education, a rewarding curriculum, and the advantage a global language can offer, apply today for your free trial lesson