Sunny Hills

Preschool & Kindergarten


Sunny Hills offers an exciting new approach to early education among international schools in Japan. Our exclusive curriculum is designed to promote each child’s academic, emotional, social and physical development, through a unique combination of instruction, discovery, and play-based activities.

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All English, All The Time

From the first “Hello!” to the last “Goodbye!”, children speak English throughout the day. Our native English-speaking teachers build a close relationship with each child to help them learn English naturally and become fully bilingual. Limited class sizes ensure that your child has the full attention of their educator.

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Varied and Exciting Content

Every day is a new adventure! The Sunny Hills curriculum is designed to introduce and explore subject areas such as phonics, math, science, language, art, music, social studies, and more! Changing monthly themes ensure that children are learning a wide range of language, and extend into all class activities.

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Can Do, Will Do

Our teachers have first-hand experience of early childhood education, and set their expectations based on students’ ages and prior development. Every activity is planned and monitored to be developmentally appropriate, so children have maximum fun and minimal frustration.

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We check children’s understanding of language every step of the way, and can offer advice on how and what to read at home. By the time they complete kindergarten, our students will be able to read and comprehend at a level equal to or above that of a child entering first grade in the United States.